Create A Safe And Cozy Guest Space In Your Garage

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Create A Safe And Cozy Guest Space In Your Garage

Create A Safe And Cozy Guest Space In Your Garage

19 February 2016
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If you are not using your home's garage to store your vehicle or for any other specific reason, you may find that the space is perfect for housing overnight guests. The garage is big enough for a couple and provides some privacy both for your guests and for your own family during multi-night visits. Luckily, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on renovations in order to create a safe and cozy guest space in your garage. Most of the work can actually be done yourself! The following four steps is all it should take for awesome results:

Get a New Door

The first thing to consider doing is replacing your garage door with one that features large windows to provide some natural lighting for the guest space. Your new garage doors should also have a door embedded into its body so your guests are able to come and go as they please without having to trek through your front room each time. In addition to replacing the door itself, it's essential to have a professional inspect the door's tract and hardware to ensure reliable and safe functioning. This will ensure that any small problems are repaired before they become too serious or costly, as well as maximize the energy efficiency and interior temperature comfort throughout year.

Ask your technician to treat the door and its accessories with weatherproofing solution during the installation and inspection process. Opt for a garage door that is fitted with interior insulation and a weather flap along its bottom so your guests can easily stay warm during winter months. Once installed, you can paint the door the same color as your home's exterior so it looks more like an extension of the house rather than a garage.

Introduce Interior Temperature Control

It's important to incorporate some interior temperature control for the comfort of your guests throughout both the summer and winter months. More than likely, your HVAC system is not set up to work in the garage because the space isn't typically in need of temperature maintenance. Because of this, you may want to insulate all of the windows and doors that are connected to the garage.

You can simply apply some spray foam insulation or basic caulking around the door and window frames to increase weather protection for the overall space. It's also a good idea to apply solar insulation film on the windows in your garage walls and your new garage door to further insulate the space and protect interior floors, furniture, and décor from UV ray damage.

You'll find that installing a ceiling fan in the middle of the garage will also help to keep temperatures comfortable for your guests year-round, whether they prefer a warm, cool, or temperate environment. Program the ceiling fan to run counterclockwise in the summer to keep a cool breeze flowing throughout the guest space. Program it to run clockwise in the winter so the cold and warm air is continually blended together, which will help to minimize significant drops in temperature when it's chilly outside.

Create a Studio Feel

Consider setting your new guest space up like a studio apartment so guests can make food, entertain themselves, and take care of personal tasks without sacrificing privacy or infringing on the personal space of you and those living in your household full time. Start by installing floating shelves about waist high in a corner so you can turn the area into a kitchenette.

Place a microwave and coffee pot on the shelves and put a small fridge underneath. Install a utility sink nearby so dishes and hands can be washed at your guests' convenience. Use a hide-a-bed couch instead of a full size bed so the space can be used as a living room during the day and a bedroom at night. Put a small desk against the wall to serve as a small office space and entertainment area.

Once these steps have been made, it's just a matter of decorating the space to reflect relaxation, comfort, and joy. Throw pillows, curtains, area rugs, and wall tapestries will all add depth, color, and charisma that your guests are sure to enjoy during their visit.  

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