Haven't Replaced Your Garage Door Opener in Years? 2 New Features of Modern Door Openers to Consider

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Haven't Replaced Your Garage Door Opener in Years? 2 New Features of Modern Door Openers to Consider

Haven't Replaced Your Garage Door Opener in Years? 2 New Features of Modern Door Openers to Consider

18 January 2017
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If you have had the "same old" garage door opener in place at your home for many years, then you may not even bother looking into the new garage door opener technology that can make your life easier and safer. Also, the average lifespan of a garage door opener is about 10-12 years, and if yours is getting old, then it is better to replace it now, before it become inoperable, then wait until it suddenly just doesn't open or shut one day and then have to purchase your new opener in a rush. 

Just how far has garage door opener technology evolved in the past decade? Read on to learn about three features of modern garage door openers that were not available just a decade ago. 

1. Smartphone Connectivity Makes Life Easier & Keeps Your Home Safer

Smartphone apps can today be used to control more and more home devices, and choosing a new garage door opener with smartphone connectivity will allow you to control your garage door with your phone. While the ability to use your smartphone in lieu of your garage door remote to open and close your door as you are coming and going may not sound like it would add much more convenience to your life, the truth is that smartphone connectivity allows you to do much more than that. 

Unlike a traditional garage door opener remote that has be within a certain range of distance from your garage to open and close it, you can open and close your garage door that has smart phone connectivity from anywhere. You can also just open your smartphone app to just check on your door to make sure it is open or closed when you need it to be. 

If you have a large family, then you can likely already imagine how these features would come in handy. You never have to worry about the children forgetting to close the door when you can check on it from anywhere and make sure it is closed when it is supposed to be. The ability to open that door from far away from home can also come in handy; if you were to go on a vacation, yet need to let a neighbor into your garage to feed your cat while you were away, you wouldn't have to provide them your garage door security code, but instead just open and close your garage door for them right from wherever you are while on vacation.

2. Built-in Timers Add an Extra Layer of Garage Door Security

As handy as it is to be able to control your garage door opener with your smartphone, there are garage door opener features that help you feel more secure that your garage door is closed when it should be without even having to check your phone. There are several types of built-in garage door opener timers now offered, and two popular ones that help keep your home safe include time-to-close and automatic close timers. 

An automatic close timer can be set right to close your garage door at the same time every day without anyone in your family having to close it manually or with smartphone apps. For example, is there a certain time every morning when all family members should be out of the house and on their ways to school and work? If so, you can simply program your new garage door opener to close at a time you know everyone will be gone, so no matter how busy everyone is in the morning, you know that as soon as that time comes, your entire home is safer and more secure, because your garage door is shut. 

A timer-to-close feature operates a little differently. Instead of closing your garage door at the same time every day, you can set this timer to automatically close your garage door a specific number of seconds or minutes after it has been opened. This is a great feature if you are busy, like most Americans are; when you pull into the garage after a long day of work, you don't have to even touch a button to close your garage door after opening it and parking your car. 

If you have a pet, then don't worry that this feature will every put them in danger; if your pet is strolling in or out of that garage when it is set to close, the garage door safety sensors, which have been required by law to be present in all garage door openers manufactured since 1991, will detect your cat or dog's presence, which will then trigger the garage door to stop closing and not finish closing until the door's sensors detect that the area is free and clear.

If you haven't updated your garage door opener in years, then these are just two examples of the many new features of modern garage door openers that you are missing out on. If your door opener is moving close to the end of its lifespan, then it is best to update it now, anyway, before it fails on you one day and you have to rush to purchase another one quickly without time to research the current available options. To learn more, visit resources like http://raynordoor.com/.

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