Three Accessories That Enhance The Functionality Of Your Garage Doors

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Three Accessories That Enhance The Functionality Of Your Garage Doors

Three Accessories That Enhance The Functionality Of Your Garage Doors

5 October 2015
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Modern garage doors come with an amazing amount of useful features right out of the box, such as built-in insulation and pinch-resistant door panels. That doesn't mean there's no room for improvement. Here are three accessories that can improve the function and safety of your garage doors.

Backup Battery

Almost all garage doors are designed to plug into an electrical outlet. So if the power goes out in your home, you'll have to open the garage door manually to get in and out. The average garage door weighs 150 to 250 pounds but can weigh much more than that depending on the materials it's made from. Even if you're strong enough to open the door, it can get tiring doing so day after day when the electricity is out for extended periods.

If you live in a storm-prone area or just want to make sure you can get in out and out of the garage when the power goes out unexpectedly, then purchasing a backup battery is a good option. These batteries are typically mounted near and plug into the garage door motor, where they monitor the flow of electricity and kick on when they detect the flow has been interrupted.

The drawback to this accessory is that not all garage door openers have ports for backup batteries. If this is the case with your machine, you'll need to either buy a new garage door opener or talk to a garage door expert about an alternative setup that will let you use a backup battery.

Garage Door Screen

If you use your garage for purposes other than or in addition to storing vehicles, sometimes you may want to leave the garage door open to get some fresh air. The problem with this is flies, mosquitoes, and an assortment of other bugs will get into your garage and, well, bug you.

You can prevent this by purchasing a garage door screen. This product functions just like a regular screen door. It installs across the garage door opening and lets in fresh air while keeping bugs and debris out. They generally don't interfere with the garage door opening or closing. However, if you park a vehicle in the garage, you'll need to move the screen out of the way each time you drive in and out.

Smart Garage Door Technology

More and more manufacturers are designing garage doors and openers to work with smart home technology that allows homeowners to monitor and operate the door via a smartphone app, among other things. If your garage door was made before this technological revolution began, there are a variety of companies that make aftermarket products that will let you convert your older model door into a modern-day marvel.

These devices typically use a combination of sensors and internet connectivity to monitor the status of the garage door and send messages to the owner's telephone notifying the person of changes, such as whenever the garage door is opened. Some devices let people operate the garage door remotely and use their smartphones as openers. Other devices can be patched into the home's security system.

Smart garage door technology can usually be installed without professional help, but some configurations may require the assistance of an expert.

A garage door represents about 30 percent of your home's curb-side appeal, so choosing one that looks great is important. However, equally essential is ensuring the garage door has features that support daily living. There are numerous other accessories you can use to improve the functionality of your garage door. Contact a garage door service like Shank Door for assistance with choosing the best ones for your needs and preferences.

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